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Most businesses especially growing firms, tend to develop HR practices on an ad-hoc basis- performance reviews, hiring practices, bonus programs, job evaluations, salary increases etc- But how do all these programs fit together to support the overall business strategy? D-hr will work with your management team to provide you with assistance to fit all these together to support your overall business strategy:

HR Audit
The Audit procedure will include:

  1. On-site review of document files, policies and procedures;
  2. Interviews with key personnel;
  3. Written evaluation which will identify areas audited, purpose and recommendations and;
  4. Final meeting to review Audit Report.

The HR Audit will normally cover the following areas:
Human Resource Administration

  • Organizational Structure
    • Employee Files
    • Access to Records/ Confidentiality
    • Forms and applications
  • Business Ethics Policy

Employment practices

  • Recruitment
  • Interview Procedures
  • Selection Process
  • Hiring
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Termination
  • Orientation
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Training and Development

Compensation Adminsitration

  • Job Description
    • Job Evaluation
    • Payroll Practices & Records
    • Salary Increases
  • Severance Policy
    • Payroll deductions
  • Additional Compensation Programs


  • Communication with employees
  • Exit Interviews
  • Grievance Procedure


  • Review of existing programs

Policy Manuals

  • Employee Handbooks
    We create or update your companies Administrative Manual, which collates the acceptable policies and procedures for processes within your establishment. The manual that we produce is written in a user-friendly format. We work with your designated contact to draft the policies and procedures. The manuals we produce will be specifically for your industry and reviewed by legal counsel.
  • Supervisors Manuals
  • Guide to HR Policies and Procedures

Compensation Management

The Compensation Administration is broken down into six areas:

Job Analysis
A two-method approach: Questionnaire and Interview. We meet with your employees and/or supervisors to complete the job analysis questionnaire. We suggest structured times, approximately one hour. During this time we will complete the questionnaire and interview the designated person.

Job Descriptions
From the information obtained through job analysis we will develop job descriptions.

Job Evaluation
We complete the evaluations of each job using an appropriate method suitable for your company. Once they are completed we will review them with management for approval and test their validity.

Salary Survey
We will use one of our salary surveys or one provided by your company.

Salary Ranges
Current salary ranges will be reviewed or new ones established. These ranges will be internally, as well as, externally equitable and meet the market demands. You can choose from the traditional salary ranges or the newer method.

Customized Performance Evaluations
As we produce the job descriptions, we will work with your supervisors to establish performance appraisals that are directly related to the Company's specific jobs. They are objective performance appraisal forms that are based on the job duties and not subjective criteria.

Pre-employment Screening

Poor hiring decisions can result in the failure of small businesses and be very costly to larger corporations. When the future of your business is at stake you cannot be leaving it for guesswork.

We offer you a clear through background check which is vital to assessing your job candidate will be an asset or a liability to your business.

Our services cover : Criminal records check, education verification, Employment verification, credentials verification, motor vehicle driving records, reference check

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